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Nottingham Panthers Stickers 2014-15

It does not look like Nottingham Panthers will have a card set for the 2014-15 season but there is a set of stickers . The stickers were originally produced to be inserted into fridge magnets.

The checklist is as follows-

Mattias Modig, Craig Kowalski, Dan Green, Bryan Schmidt, David Clarke, Robert Lachowicz, Evan Mosey, Mike Berube, Max Parent, Chris Lawrence, Robert Farmer, Bruce Graham, Charles Landry, Brandon Benedict, Sam Oakford, Greg Jacina, Mark Lee, Steve Lee, Colby Cohen, Cody Wild, Chris Higgins, Jonathan Boxill, Nathan Robinson, Corey Neilson (Coach), Rich Strachan( Coach), Gary Moran (GM)

The Mattias Modig and Nathan Robinson stickers are illustrated in this post.


Marcus Adolfsson German Cards

Marcus Adolfsson started the 1999-00 season with Nottingham Panthers. He spent the previous season in the DEL playing for Revier Löwen in the DEL. His DEL card and a signed Revier Löwen postcard are shown in this post. The spelling of his first name is incorrect on the postcard. I believe it should be Marcus rather than Markus.