Yann Sauve Team Canada Under 18 Cards

The Yann Sauce cards illustrated in this post both relate to his participation in the 2007 World Under 18 Championships for Team Canada. The cards are from the 2007-08 ITG Heroes and Prospects O Canada set and the 2013-14 Upper Deck Team Canada set.


Michael Garnett 2013-14 KHL Play-Off Battles Cards

Michael garnett features in four Play-Off Battles cards in the 2013-14 KHL set but he is not specifically named on any of the cards. POB-003 is a Traktor Chelyabinsk team photo with Michael Garnett on the front row on the left side. In the other three cards he is shown in action against Dynamo Moscow twice (POB-005 and POB-010) and also against Avanagard Omsk Region (POB-016).