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Michael Garnett 2012-13 KHL Gamemakers Autographed Card

My first Michael Garnett autographed card is from the 2012-13 KHL Gamemakers subset. This card has a serial number of 102/150.

Michael Garnett 2013-14 KHL Video Hit Cards

Michael Garnett is named on 2013-14 KHL Video Hit card VID-005 “KHL Goalie Fight. Matt Dalton vs Michael Garnett’. He is not named on Video Hit card VID-002 ‘Pavel Datsyuk’s Amazing Shootout Goal” but he is the net minder in the picture.

Michael Garnett 2013-14 KHL Play-Off Battles Cards

Michael garnett features in four Play-Off Battles cards in the 2013-14 KHL set but he is not specifically named on any of the cards. POB-003 is a Traktor Chelyabinsk team photo with Michael Garnett on the front row on the left side. In the other three cards he is shown in action against Dynamo Moscow twice (POB-005 and POB-010) and also against Avanagard Omsk Region (POB-016).