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TuTo Hockey Team Picture Phone Cards 1994-95

I have just picked up three phone cards from Turku in Finland. The three cards together form a team picture of TuTo from the 1994-95 season. Future Nottingham Panthers players Kristian Taubert and Pekka Virta played for TuTo at that time. I have not been able to identify Kristian Taubert in the team picture but I believe Pekka Virta is third from the right in the second row.


Kristian Taubert And Pekka Virta Phone Cards

Kristian Taubert and Pekka Virta both played for Nottingham Panthers but not at the same time. Earlier in their careers they played for Tuto of Turku at the same time. In the 1994/95 season a set of phone cards was issued by the Turku telephone company which included both players.


Kristian Taubert Finnish Hockey Cards

Kristian Taubert played for Nottingham Panthers in 2002/03 and 2003/04. Two unusual items are shown below. The first is a telephone card issued when he played for TuTo. The second is an Ässät playing card.

I have had no luck in trying to locate his JyväsHyvä sticker from the 1992/93 season.

IMG_3216 IMG_3217